Social Responsability

"My take on social responsibility is to give back to my people the best way I know. Every opportunity I have to improve the Peru I live in is a proactive stance. I dedicate much of my business to education and training. Many of my tailors come from impoverished areas, places where a daily struggle is putting food and water on the table. As discipline starts inside the home, it is a priority to guide women in my country to learn how to actively contribute to the livelihoods of their households. I strive to help women empower themselves, to give them the means and skills to escape poverty. With skills women can earn wages in a correct way despite the resources of a 'traditional' education. I strive to empower women, to offer them a path to build their self esteem and dignity.

In addition to employing women in the highlands and the outskirts of Lima, I seek out women in jails and correctional facilities offering a transitional path back into everyday society. I work to give a fair salary even if our final price isn't competitive with our net potential-ultimately my interest lies with my artisans and their ability to build a better life.

Social responsibility is voluntary; it is about going beyond the limits of what the law requires and involves an idea that it is better to be proactive toward a problem rather than reactive to a problem. By using my education and my understanding of my environment I'm capable of demonstrating a social responsibility that is a step in the right direction to bring development and education to a community-my community of Peru."